Feb 25 2012

Goodbye Picnik…. Hello iPiccy!



One of my very favorite Web 2.0 websites is www.picnik.com. For simple photo editing, it couldn’t be beat! Sadly, Google acquired Picnik a few months ago, and on April 19th it will go away. Many of the features were incorporated into Google+, but for a way to edit pictures quickly especially with students, I needed a replacement.

Fortunately, I found out about iPiccy.com. iPiccy has the same feel as Picnik, and allows for easy cloud-based photo editing.

iPiccy allows you to get pictures from a variety of places. You can upload from your computer, from a URL, from your camera, from Facebook or create a drawing from scratch.

Once you’ve selected your image to work with, there are a nice selection of editing features including cropping, resizing images, sharpen images and rotating. The best part of iPiccy is that it has some advanced features such as curves and levels and a CLONE TOOL!!!!! :-)

One your image is corrected, you can add effects or text to your images. Some of these are the same as Picnik, but many are different.

Filter- Old Photo Image Auto Corrected

The only thing that seems to be missing that Picnik had was stickers. Although those were fun to decorate personal pictures, they were less important when working on curriculum projects.

Overall, although I was in mourning for a couple of weeks about the loss of Picnik, I am pleased to have found iPiccy. I’m still getting used to it, but so far it is working out just fine.

Jun 14 2010

Even More Photo Editing…. Pixlr



I know I’ve written about a Photoshop substitute in the past, but I recently came across a Web 2.0 tool that I like even better than what I found before- Pixlr.com. For big photo editing jobs, Pixlr does a really good job filling in for Photoshop. It looks and acts similar to Photoshop Elements, and is really easy to use. The best part of Pixlr is that is is 3 tools in one…

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Mar 11 2010

Photovisi- Cool collages in seconds!



So, yeah, it’s another cool tool to use with your images. Can you tell we take a whole lot of pictures? This cool tool makes beautiful, editable collages out of your selected pictures. It’s simple- you select a template, upload the maximum number of photos allowed, edit their arrangement if desired, then click the Save button.

This is just one of the collage templates available (photos from our recent trip to California CUE):

Did I mention that no login is required at all? It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s free- therefore it’s here on our blog! Enjoy!

Oct 7 2009

Advanced Online Photo Editing



Earlier today we were needing to find a online photo editor to substitute for Photoshop Elements, so Jim and I were trying out different photo editing programs. We both love Picnik for everyday simple edits, but sometimes you need a little bit more. The simple and easy programs will adjust color, resolution, crop, etc. but they typically don’t have some of the more complicated tools like the clone tool. If you really need to use the clone tool, nothing else will substitute!

Along the way, we came across Sumo Paint. (Technically it was Jim who found it!) www.sumopaint.com


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Jun 10 2009

Resizing Images


As cameras become cheaper, they also have more and more megapixels. When I first started teaching about digital cameras, few people had cameras at home, and they were often less than 3 megapixels. A lot of my sessions covered making sure that images weren’t too small to print nice photos. Now we face the opposite problem. Having 10+ megapixels ensures that you should have plenty of pixels even if you crop a lot.

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May 16 2009

Picnik- my new favorite website



This is now my very favorite website (well after ours of course). In my real job during the day, I teach others to edit photographs using Photoshop Elements. In this class I teach how to crop, change the size of images, correct red eye and tasks like that. Although Elements does a great job, my participants have a hard time justifying the cost at home for just a few little fixes. Picnik solves that dilemma!

Picnik lets you select an image and then choose editing tools such as crop, rotate, fix red-eye and a lot more.

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