Mar 27 2011

Little Bird Tales


When I found Little Bird Tales I couldn’t stop playing with it. Little Bird Tales allows your students to create a story, animate it, narrate it, and publish it! It’s strong point is simplicity! You do have to register for an account, but I discovered that the piggyback method with a gmail account works just fine. After you create an account, you are ready to create your story.

You can then create the cover either by uploading an image, or drawing one using the built-in drawing tools. You can even draw over or annotate on your uploaded image. How cool is that?

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Jan 15 2011

Earth-Touch: Free Hi-Def Nature Videos to Download


This site comes to us courtesy of South Africa- appropriate since the site is a collection of incredible video footage of the natural world including animals and the environment. Moreover, the site allows you to actually download the videos in standard def or HD (720p)- or you can choose to stream it directly from their site if you so wish. The ability to embed their videos in your own site is not a feature (yet) so click on this screenshot below to be taken to their page with this incredible video:

As you can see, they provide more than just video- it’s sort of an interactive encyclopedia that just happens to have some of the best video footage around.

Mar 22 2010

Math Playground


Well, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like lately… I could blame the weather (it has been so beautiful here- Spring has definately arrived!), or the fact that we have been traveling lately, or that I enjoyed a great week with my family on Spring Break… or I could blame it on plain ‘ol laziness! On a side note, I am mostly caught up on all my shows on DVR! :-) Hmmmm, funny how that works!

Well, today we were back to the grind of school after Spring Break, and I had to help my daughter do her math homework. She was working on subtraction by regrouping, and she didn’t get it. I sat at the kitchen table with her and explained the concept to her as I’m sure her teacher did today, and although she did get her work finished, I’m not sure she really gets it completely. I think she needs to see it visually in a different way. That’s where Math Playground comes in. Continue reading

Sep 28 2009

Switcheroo Zoo


Recently I worked with a group of teachers who were writing lesson plans and was introduced to a really fun website for teaching animal adaptations. It is Switcheroo Zoo and it located at


I have had so much fun creating new animals and putting them into new habitats. My favorite part (at least so far, I haven’t explored every single part of the website yet!) is the Make and Play section. Continue reading