Dec 11 2012

Remember Everything! Every time! Access Everywhere!- With Evernote!



Let me apologize ahead of time- I get real excited about Evernote. You may even call me an Evernote evangelist of sorts.

I have not blogged about Evernote before now for a couple reasons:

  1. There aren’t enough words to do this justice.
  2. Hasn’t everyone already heard of Evernote?

There are only a few programs that I launch daily that I cannot live without- and Evernote is one of them. What is it and why do I need it? Those are the hardest questions of all so let me see if I can summarize it:

  • A platform to let you remember and access all of your information when you and where you need it
  • Your digital life coach and manager
  • Your lifesaver in time of need
  • Your agent of change- start leading a “paperless” life

Evernote works on the concept of “Notes.” You add a note to your account using a device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.). The note can contain text, of course, but can also contain a photo, a link, a file, almost anything digital. You can then access that note at anytime once it is synced to the server. You can also share that note with others when you want!

Rather than be bore you with the details, here are some practical ways I use Evernote:

  • Post-it note replacement- Instead of writing something down on a little note, I just whip out my phone and make a quick note within Evernote. I then can access that note later.
  • Son’s football practice schedule- I take a picture of the printed football schedule (called a “snapshot” in Evernote). Then that text in the photo is searchable. Let me repeat that- any text in any image is searchable (sort of like the way scanners use OCR). This works even for handwritten text within an image!
  • Take a picture of a PPT slide during a presentation
  • Take snapshots of business cards, then trash the card itself
  • Take snapshots of receipts- I inevitably will misplace paper receipts. Taking a snapshot makes them searchable and can show them to the store so they can get the information they need for exchanges and refunds!
  • Take a snapshot of a diagram or poster on a bulletin board, etc.
  • Take a snapshot of a book I’d like to read or buy later (since I won’t remember the title or author on my own) Continue reading

Mar 27 2011

Little Bird Tales


When I found Little Bird Tales I couldn’t stop playing with it. Little Bird Tales allows your students to create a story, animate it, narrate it, and publish it! It’s strong point is simplicity! You do have to register for an account, but I discovered that the piggyback method with a gmail account works just fine. After you create an account, you are ready to create your story.

You can then create the cover either by uploading an image, or drawing one using the built-in drawing tools. You can even draw over or annotate on your uploaded image. How cool is that?

Continue reading

Apr 6 2010

We are Trippin!


Although this tool probably doesn’t have a classroom use, it’s outstanding for helping to keep your life in order. TripIt allows you to organize all your travel information in one place. You can add flight information, hotel reservations, rental car, activities, meetings, notes, maps, and whatever else you have. You can type all this information in directly, or best of all- forward your confirmation emails from hotels, airlines, etc. and TripIt will fill in all the information. Continue reading

Jan 3 2010

No, this isn’t Excel! It’s ChartGizmo!


Excel has long been the “go to” guy for creating graphs and charts and there is no doubt that the Microsoft application is king of spreadsheets. But for students who need a quick chart to display on a website such as a blog or wiki, you just can’t beat the simplicity of Chart Gizmo! And yes, of course, it’s free.

The site allows you to create all kinds of charts and graphs in various formats such as an embedded static image, a live page that can be linked to, or my personal favorite, the embedded flash chart like this one:

And another example…

With just a little knowledge of javascript, you can even collect data on your site dynamically to display in your chart (now that is pretty nerdy, but you may just find a great use for it)! Like I said, it’s free, but it does require registration! Enjoy!