Mar 20 2014

Tiki-Toki: Awesome 3-D Timelines


This cool web application (whose name is less than cool) allows students to make timelines complete with events containing text, images, video, audio and more! Take a look at the sample below (thanks to my daughter who experimented with this app and discovered all of its little quirks and limitations):

As you can see, there are many more features than I’ve mentioned here. This works on the freemium model, so keep in mind that the free version allows the creation of only one timeline. Another important feature- it’s powered by HTML 5, so, yes, it will work on iPads!

By the way, the free version does not let you embed the interactive timelines on your own site. That’s why I used Screenr to screencast it above! Click here to see the live timeline shown above.

There are a few other timeline generators out there, but this is the only 3-D interface we’ve run across. So go check it out- it’s worth a look!


Jan 27 2010

Timetoast- Interactive Timelines in a Flash!


What an awesome way to present lots of information in a small but organized space! Rather than just sequence some events on paper, how about creating a sharp-looking, pain-free timeline like this one I created for Slavery & War in the United States:

These gems are easy to create and share! There are a couple things you should consider though… Continue reading