Apr 5 2010

Sliderocket… A Great Presentation Tool!



OK, this webapp has been around for awhile… and it just keeps getting better and better. Sliderocket lets you import your PowerPoint presentations or start building your own presentation from scratch.  You can collaborate with others on a single presentation that’s filled with some awesome features:

  • Killer, transitions- yes, even those cool ones you’ve seen in Keynote
  • Embed video and images
  • Record and sync audio using the webapp
  • Link to or embed your presentations

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a sample:

Mar 25 2010

Gickr- Animated GIF from your Photos



I have no idea what this silly name “Gickr” means. But I do know that it’s a real cool tool for creating an animated GIF that can be used on your website or even in slideshows or presentations. Yeah, I know, there are all kinds of freeware downloads that will do this same thing- and most have more features. But this is a great tool for quickly making an animated GIF from photos. Beyond just your vacation pictures, think of it as a quick digital storytelling tool- kinda like writing a theme paper through a series of Twitter postings:

So upload your pictures in the sequence you want them displayed (maximum of 10), choose the transition speed, then let Gickr do its thing! It results in a small, simple GIF file that you can repost anywhere! Not bad for a quick lesson, huh?

Jun 27 2009

3… 2… 1… (slide)Boom!



Murphy’s Law of sharing PowerPoint presentations…

1. The user will have a different version of PowerPoint than the creator and can’t play it- count on it.

2. The fonts you used in your presentation won’t match with those on your user’s computer and really screw up the way it looks.

3. The file will be too large to send through email (usually because creators don’t resize pictures).

4. The PowerPoint file will be on some computer somewhere inaccessible when you need it most (like right before a presentation)!

But Murphy didn’t have SlideBoom! Check this out:

Now, I know, there are many sites just like Slideboom, each offering it’s “unique” features. But if you want no-hassle hosting of your PowerPoint files so that users can download or embed them, look no further. Here are a few more features if you care..