Jun 30 2009

Putting Scrapblog into Google Earth Balloons


Most code from Web 2.0 sites goes into Google Earth without a problem. Scrapblog however isn’t one of those! Through a little trial and error (thanks Jim!), we have found a little simple modification will solve that problem.  When you paste in the code from the MySpace link, you have to substitute a little bit. Here’s the original code that I copied:

<object width=”420″ height=”312″ ><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.scrapblog.com/viewer/viewer_v2_embed.swf?scrapblogId=1939247&showShareButton=true&showShareInitially=true&showOnlyShare=false&partnerId=1″ /></param><embed src=”http://www.scrapblog.com/viewer/viewer_v2_embed.swf?scrapblogId=1939247&showShareButton=true&showShareInitially=true&showOnlyShare=false&partnerId=1″ width=”420″ height=”312″></embed></object>

Replace the <object> tag (the bold text above) with this code


<OBJECT classid=”clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000″ codebase=”http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,40,0″ WIDTH=”420″ HEIGHT=”312″>

This simple fix should have your scrapblog videos up and running within a Google Earth balloon!

Jun 27 2009

3… 2… 1… (slide)Boom!



Murphy’s Law of sharing PowerPoint presentations…

1. The user will have a different version of PowerPoint than the creator and can’t play it- count on it.

2. The fonts you used in your presentation won’t match with those on your user’s computer and really screw up the way it looks.

3. The file will be too large to send through email (usually because creators don’t resize pictures).

4. The PowerPoint file will be on some computer somewhere inaccessible when you need it most (like right before a presentation)!

But Murphy didn’t have SlideBoom! Check this out:

Now, I know, there are many sites just like Slideboom, each offering it’s “unique” features. But if you want no-hassle hosting of your PowerPoint files so that users can download or embed them, look no further. Here are a few more features if you care..

Jun 10 2009

Resizing Images


As cameras become cheaper, they also have more and more megapixels. When I first started teaching about digital cameras, few people had cameras at home, and they were often less than 3 megapixels. A lot of my sessions covered making sure that images weren’t too small to print nice photos. Now we face the opposite problem. Having 10+ megapixels ensures that you should have plenty of pixels even if you crop a lot.

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Jun 8 2009

Random Name/Word Picker



Not that we ever want to encourage our young ones to gamble or anything, but this little widget and website comes in quite handy (click on the Example button then Fruit Machine):

Click here for full screen version

For those times when you need to randomly call on on students (like prize give-aways or checking for understanding), or randomly select a term from a list (like for vocabulary review) this tool is your answer. You can paste in a list of students/words or just type them in.

Use this as a widget on your own page (like we’ve done here) or link to it here. The sound gets a little annoying, so be forewarned!

Jun 4 2009

Wix! It’s a wonderfully wicked website builder!



I am not one to re-invent the wheel. No, I’d rather use my time making what’s available suit my needs. And when it comes to creating websites, there are so many website builders out there that create some pretty awesome websites in a hurry! Flash websites look great, but who has time to learn and troubleshoot such a difficult program? So when it came time to build a website for our company, take a look at what Wix did for me!

Yeah, so now I just worry about the content. I couldn’t have designed a better site myself. Oh, and did I mention I used the FREE version? They are a freemium site (see previous posting if you don’t know what this word means). So I built it FREE- and they host it on their servers for FREE. I am liking FREE stuff!

But I didn’t stop there. Being the insomniac & educator that I am, I asked how could such an amazing site be used with students. And here is my answer embedded here:

Free websiteWix.com

Now isn’t that cool! Since students don’t have to worry so much about the intricate details of web design, they can use Wix to quickly build a curriculum-centered website.

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