Jul 23 2009

Free! Free! Free! We teachers love Free Stuff!



OK, so it’s not as great as scoring free hockey tickets when your friend can’t make it to the game or winning season passes to the amusement park off the radio, but what do you expect? It’s free! And free is good!

This cool website offers one free software title to download for free every day! These aren’t demo versions or limited versions in any way. These are legitimate, fully-functioning pieces of software. Sometimes they offer something great! Sometimes it’s junk- and you’ll know by the thumbs up or thumbs down rating system on the download page. Just remember- the software must be downloaded and installed on the day of the giveaway!

Giveaway of the Day

What happens if your machine crashes and you have to image or ghost it? You’re out of luck- just pray it doesn’t happen because you will have lost your great free software installs in most cases!

Jul 18 2009

One Pandora Box that you will want to open!



The following blog entry has no educational implications- it’s just a great site for personal use!

I thought by now that most people had heard of Pandora, the internet radio site where you can make your own “station” based on a particular artist, song, set of songs, etc. You tell it what you like, then it will play songs it thinks you will like. I had my doubts, but I must say it’s pretty good.

You can also share a radio station with others (via email) where I clipped this one from:


I created the above station based on Phill Collins, Billy Joel, and U2. Click on the image and it should link right to my cool station. Here are some other features that I really like…

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Jul 10 2009

Countdown Timers


Have you ever been working on a project with kids and discover that they have a hard time making choices about which clipart or music track to use? Kids will take all day just picking out stickers to decorate a project if you let them. This is where an online countdown timer comes in. We have a couple that we like to use although there are lots of them out there.

http://e.ggtimer.com This timer is simple to use, you just type in the amount of time you want to give and then it gives an onscreen visual for the students to keep them moving along.

http://www.online-stopwatch.com I really like this timer a lot! It has several options like countdown, an hourglass timer with sand trickling out, a stopwatch, a calculator, and it has the ability to remain visible if you want to continue using the computer.


Keeping a eye on the clock and keeping your projects moving along smoothly is always a challenge when students are in a creative mode, but these online timers can help to make your class time a little more productive!

Jul 6 2009

Digital Goonies at NECC 2009


We had a great time in Washington D.C. and met many of you there. We have received some great feedback from our three sessions. Many people didn’t make it in to the two free sessions because they were so full- we appreciate those of you who did make it to one of our sessions. We hope that you left with some new ideas and inspiration to use with your own students and/or teachers.

We referenced many websites in these sessions- some are already listed here on the blog (use tha Categories menu on the right). But many many more are coming your way soon. You can go check out some of our other websites:

Curriculum Magic- here you’ll find links related to Google Earth and GPS.

Google Earth Lessons Wiki- come see what educators are doing with Google Earth. Join the wiki and add your own content if you wish. Here you can also download the Google Earth sample files we used in our sessions. This wiki is relatively young, so content is limited at the moment!

Print, Cut, & Fold- come take another look at the sample activity types we flew through- as well as links to free downloads. Here you will also find some great links to free image websites that are copyright friendly!

Creative Edge Resources- this is by far the most boring of the sites and is the business arm of what we do. If you are wanting to talk about staff development for your school or district (yes, we travel nationwide), look here!

Thanks again for joining us- we hope you’ll keep up with us by reading the blog. We have some great content coming your way! And if you made it this far in reading, check out this cool Animoto video I put together of the Korean War Memorial that I visited while in D.C.