Aug 8 2009

More Copyright Friendly Images- Pics4Learning



A few weeks ago when I wrote a post about getting images from Flickr, I mentioned Pics4Learning which is another of my favorite places to send students to find images. Pics4Learning is a free service offered by Tech4Learning. Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. There are thousands of images in the image library, which have been contributed by teachers, students, and other amateur photographers. The owner still retains copyright, but has given permission for the image to be used by both teachers and students for educational purposes. My favorite part is that each image has a citation given so that students can copy and paste into their projects.
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Aug 8 2009

Read it! Read it! Don’t you make me repeat it!


Need a new gimmick to get students excited about summarizing concepts? Try this great website- Read the Words! In simple terms, you choose an avatar, customize it if you want, and make it speak. Pretty simple right? Try playing this one below- and move your mouse around to see how she follows with her creepy eyes.

The free version allows three concurrent files- none of which can be longer than 30 seconds. Thirty seconds? Any longer and that wouldn’t be much of a summarization would it?


  • Logins are required
  • Can create up to 3 avatar files concurrently
  • 30 second limit
  • Freemium model- can upgrade for more features

Aug 7 2009

Simply the Best Fonts


Fonts can make or break your resume, website, or presentation. But really, I think they tell you more about the author than the content itself. Some people are font freaks (I won’t mention any names, Susan) who can’t seem to use a standard font unless they have to. Now I like putting together some cool fonts in my presentations from time to time, but did you know the more fonts you have the slower load times of your applications that use fonts? So here are two ways to use that cool, new font you downloaded…


1. Install the Font
That’s right, open up your font folder and just throw that file in there. That way you can use it over and over any time your heart desires. I wouldn’t suggest this for all 2200 fonts that you have downloaded. Don’t know how to install the font? See how here.

2. Temporarily Make the Font Available

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