Nov 23 2009

PD Photo


PD is a great site for finding images that are copyright friendly for both teachers and students. It is a database for free, public domain photos. There are a few exceptions on this site, so you have to read the fine print below the image.

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Nov 23 2009

Newsletters that pop… Letterpop!


This is the place to go to create snazzy online newsletters that can either be mailed or printed! These aren’t your standard newsletters from Microsoft Office templates! No- rather they have their own set of 289 templates (arranged by theme) for you to use. You simply upload some photos (from say, Flickr) then let the dragging & dropping begin.

Here’s a curriculum sample:

You can also see the actual page here:

“So what’s the point? I could do this in Microsoft Office,” you say. Yes, you can. But Letterpop… Continue reading

Nov 18 2009

Focus Attention on your Cursor (make it flash)!


Many times in training we often tell people to look at the cursor on the screen. Often, the cursor is so small (and white) that it blends in with the application we are training on. To help remedy this, you can make your mouse “come alive” at the press of a key like this:


To accomplish this (on a PC):

  1. Go to the control panel (Start –> Control Panel) and select the mouse properties. Continue reading

Nov 11 2009

Comic Relief- One Sentence at a Time (and some great writing prompts)


OK, this one hardly qualifies as a Web 2.0 tool in the sense of a usable web application, but I just couldn’t resist. Seinfeld is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time- and that may explain why I like this site so much!

Here at this cool little site, people tell their story (whatever story they have to share) in one sentence. So many of them are so hilarious I laugh out loud and start filling in the rest of the story in my mind…

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Nov 10 2009

Voki: Talking Avatars


Talking avatars are a really great way to get your students’ attention really quickly. A Voki can be created by a teacher to introduce material or to give directions, or better yet, created by a student to share information. Students can let their Voki give a character description, a science vocabulary word, or the reasoning behind a math solution. There’s no limit to what a Voki can do!

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Nov 9 2009

Sly Dial- When you don’t want to talk, but just want to leave voice mail…


Admit it- there have been many times when you needed to deliver a message to someone (say a parent) but you really didn’t have time for a long drawn out conversation. You know- those times when you make that call and pray for voice mail or the answering machine instead of the potentially-volatile person on the other end. Yeah, we’ve all been there. And now, our prayers for getting the call to go to voice mail directly have been answered!slydial2

The folks over at SlyDial have made it easy! Just call the SlyDial number Continue reading

Nov 8 2009

Digital Goonies at CAST 2009- Galveston, TX


Susan and I just returned from Galveston, TX where we presented five (that’s right, five!) sessions for science teachers from across the state and also introduced our newest book!Web2.0Science

We met some great teachers and got to share a little of what we know about technology integration in our five sessions. Some of you reading this attended CAST and we hope you had a great conference- and even more, we hope your hotel was better than ours! cast2009

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Nov 6 2009

Dabbleboard- because none of us can draw as well as all of us!


A few posts ago, we told you about Etherpad- remember the cool online tool that lets you collaborate on a text document in really real time? If you have CRS and don’t recall, go back and check it out. Well, Dabbleboard is for the other side of the brain. This little treasure (Goonies love treasure) allows multiple users to collaboratively draw diagrams, annotate images, etc. all in real time!


You can draw freehand or use your mouse to draw shapes on the screen that get turned into Continue reading

Nov 3 2009

Quizlet- A must have for students learning vocabulary!


Among the sea of homework helper websites and study tools, Quizlet floats at the top! As a college graduate whose primary method of study was via thousands of flash cards, I can really appreciate this site! For learning vocabulary, nothing beats Quizlet- and yes, it’s FREE!

A student, or better yet- an inspired teacher, can enter vocabulary terms which will appear on one side of the card. Suggested definitions will automatically display from which to choose (or if you must, type your own)! And what’s even better- suggested images that match the term will be displayed (or you can upload your own). Once created, students can choose from the following activities:


And these aren’t just plain flash card flipping reviews! The Test activity displays questions in a variety of formats…

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