Dec 24 2009

Merry Christmas!


This is my daughter (an older photo mind you) wishing you a great Christmas!

By the way, this was made at PQDVD! OK, so it’s not very educational, but it was fun!

Dec 22 2009

Has anyone seen either of the two Digital Goonies?


No, it’s not your imagination… we’ve been on a small hiatus (as you can tell from the date of the last posting). It’s not because of the holidays either! Actually, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our most recent book, Web 2.0: Hot Apps & Cool Projects for Language Arts. And as of today, our manuscript is officially out of our hands and headed to the chopping block editor.

Anyway, we’ll be back in full swing right after Christmas. Thanks for making this a great year for us. We (Jim and Susan) wish you the best holidays (and yes, since the both of us are Christians we celebrate Christmas). We wish you a fantastic new year!

Dec 10 2009

Etherpad- a favorite going away :-(


It was bound to happen- it’s just the nature of web applications.


We love Etherpad- remember the really cool, really real-time collaboration tool that we blogged about back on October 1st? Well, it will be going to the Web 2.0 graveyard soon!

Etherpad announced on December 4th that Google had acquired AppJet (the great company behind Etherpad) and plans to incorporate the same functionality into Google Wave. So for those of you that got excited about Etherpad and started using it and making great plans, time is ticking away. After an outcry from users, Etherpad revamped their transition plan to keep it breathing for us a while longer. And they’re going to open-source their code (which means maybe we can see it re-surface in other free web apps later)!

We feel your pain! Our next book (Web 2.0: Hot Apps & Cool Projects for Language Arts) was only weeks away from completion and being sent to the editor. Etherpad was one of the great apps we included (but have since removed).

We are excited about Google Wave and wish the Etherpad folks who are transitioning to their team the best. Google Wave (yes, it’s free) is still open by invitation only. It’s got some exciting real-time collaboration features that we as educators will love! We have about 20 Google Wave invites to give away- send me a message if you’d like one!

Let’s give it up for the Etherpad team! They made a great product and let us use it for FREE! We wish Aaron Iba (former CEO of AppJet) the best over there! We were privileged to have worked with him and his web application briefly on our last book! Thanks!

Dec 9 2009

Corlive- Users send you email by filling out a form!


Well, now, isn’t that an interesting concept- get messages sent to the email account of your choice without giving out that email address. Will it cut out all that spam? Probably not. But will it allow others to send you messages (and yes, even attachments) while protecting your email address. Keep in mind that if you are in public education, your email address is probably subject to Open Records inquiries and so it’s a moot point. But perhaps it’s something useful.

You register at the site then can send users to your contact page via a link or embed your contact form like I’ve done here (and yes, this is a working form- if you feel like dropping me a note, fill it out… but be nice!):