Mar 29 2010


Today I received an email from the folks at (along with everyone else who attended CA CUE I guess!) telling about their Web 2.0 product. I decided to check it out, and really enjoyed working with it.

The idea is to select a photograph from their collection, then use the suggested words to write a sentence, a poem, a haiku, or whatever about the photograph. There is wide variety of photographs and each one has a range of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs specific to the photograph, as well as an assortment of universal words such as a, the, has, my, etc. Think of it as refrigerator poetry on steroids! Continue reading

Mar 25 2010

Gickr- Animated GIF from your Photos


I have no idea what this silly name “Gickr” means. But I do know that it’s a real cool tool for creating an animated GIF that can be used on your website or even in slideshows or presentations. Yeah, I know, there are all kinds of freeware downloads that will do this same thing- and most have more features. But this is a great tool for quickly making an animated GIF from photos. Beyond just your vacation pictures, think of it as a quick digital storytelling tool- kinda like writing a theme paper through a series of Twitter postings:

So upload your pictures in the sequence you want them displayed (maximum of 10), choose the transition speed, then let Gickr do its thing! It results in a small, simple GIF file that you can repost anywhere! Not bad for a quick lesson, huh?

Mar 22 2010

Math Playground


Well, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like lately… I could blame the weather (it has been so beautiful here- Spring has definately arrived!), or the fact that we have been traveling lately, or that I enjoyed a great week with my family on Spring Break… or I could blame it on plain ‘ol laziness! On a side note, I am mostly caught up on all my shows on DVR! :-) Hmmmm, funny how that works!

Well, today we were back to the grind of school after Spring Break, and I had to help my daughter do her math homework. She was working on subtraction by regrouping, and she didn’t get it. I sat at the kitchen table with her and explained the concept to her as I’m sure her teacher did today, and although she did get her work finished, I’m not sure she really gets it completely. I think she needs to see it visually in a different way. That’s where Math Playground comes in. Continue reading

Mar 11 2010

Photovisi- Cool collages in seconds!


So, yeah, it’s another cool tool to use with your images. Can you tell we take a whole lot of pictures? This cool tool makes beautiful, editable collages out of your selected pictures. It’s simple- you select a template, upload the maximum number of photos allowed, edit their arrangement if desired, then click the Save button.

This is just one of the collage templates available (photos from our recent trip to California CUE):

Did I mention that no login is required at all? It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s free- therefore it’s here on our blog! Enjoy!

Mar 9 2010

Oh me! Oh my! Oh Myna! A powerful online audio editor


Wow, now this is one beautiful and very useful site. Think of it as a kind of GarageBand and Audacity mashup. Well, it’s not exactly like that, but it comes pretty close in its available features! It is intended to mix and remix audio files and loops.

This web app will let you:

  • Import/export audio in all kinds of file formats (including .wav .mp3 .wma .aif and more) Continue reading

Mar 6 2010

A Big “Thank You!” to our California (CUE) Friends


Susan and I had a great time at the California Computer-Using Educator’s conference for the past few days. This was our first time to attend/present at this conference- and our first time in Palm Springs ever! We were amazed at how beautiful everything was.

While we didn’t get a chance to get out and do much during our stay, we got to meet so many great educators with a love for technology and students! We did take a quick trip to the windmill farm pictured above. Ironically, this was the first Google Earth placemark we ever created for our Google Earth books- so it was great to see this in person.

For our new friends, we hope you find this blog useful and that you will check back often! Don’t forget, you can subscribe to our newsletter (using the Newsletter link above). You can also download the resources from our presentations (using the Presentations link above). As always, we value your feedback, so if you have any comments, feel free to leave them here!

Thanks again to our west coast friends for a great experience!