Sep 27 2010

Shahi: A Flickr Visual Dictionary


This simple but useful website allows a user to enter a word then defines that word using lexical content from Wiktionary. No big deal, right? The best part is that it simultaneously pulls up images from Flickr, Google Images, or Yahoo. This way, students can instantly visualize what is being defined. Here are a couple examples (interesting enough, type in “goonie” to see what you get!):

Sep 19 2010

Group Selector- Randomly group students in a hurry!


OK, this is a great resource for those of you who need to put students into groups randomly in a fun and quick way! Now, this is totally random, so you have no control of who gets grouped with whom. Nevertheless, it’s a great resource. This was really intended to be projected on a screen so students can see the groupings as they take place- and would be really cool on an interactive whiteboard as well.

1. First, enter the names of students separated by comments (for demo purposes, just click the Example button).

2. Select the number of groups you want, then click Next.

3. Once the students’ names appear, click on Group and watch in amazement along with your students! Turn up your volume for added effects!

Sep 18 2010

Feeling Super? Try Marvel Comics Create Your Own Super Hero


Marvel allows you to channel your inner superhero to create a personalized avatar. You first decide which body base you would like to have- male, female or Hulk.

You name your character and then select facial features such as hair, eyes, ears, and then clothing and accessories. You can also select an existing Marvel Comic character to work with like Iron Man, Spiderman, or Electra. Continue reading