May 22 2011

Your Voice in the Cloud- Online Recording & Playback!


When you want to record and play back an online recording, there are several tools at your disposal, like Vocaroo or Myna. But this one is a little different. Here you can record your own voice or upload an audio file (AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC). Then you can share your creation with the world, or keep it private. With an embeddable widget, like this one, you can embed the player on your own website or blog:

Your iPod is My iPod by jholland

This is a sample from Anita Renfro‘s fabulous “Mom Song.”
We sing these lines to our twelve year old daughter all the time! If you’ve never heard it, you gotta go listen!

You can record from an iPhone app, and search other people’s tracks. Just a word of caution: if you share your track or recording with the world (make it public), it allows others to comment on your track at specific places in your recording. While that sounds good, in reality the comments are far too inappropriate in most cases to be useful! But for educators, we can simply use it as a recording and playback machine! The free account gives you 2 hours worth of recording so it wouldn’t be a great way to present a long lecture (as your time would drain within a few posts). But for short little posts, like instructions or clarifications, this has potential for teacher use. A verified email address is required to complete the mandatory registration.