Aug 17 2011

Not Stupefy… Boolify!


This interactive website allows student to see the effects of using Boolean operators (AND, NOT, OR) in a standard Google search. Simply drag the puzzle pieces to the stage, enter the keywords, and watch as the number of hits goes from millions to thousands to just a few.

In my example, searching for “Dallas” OR “Cowboys” yielded about 217 Million hits. Whereas changing the operator to AND yielded about 17.4 Million hits. This is a great way for students to visually build Boolean searches and instantly see the effects on search results (which are displayed below the stage).

While you’re there, check out the page full of lessons, including a great video about Boolean searching in plain English!

Aug 16 2011

Full Screen Messages with Class- You’ve got Gzaas!


I have no idea what that name means- and honestly don’t know how to pronounce it. So just make up some logical combination of sounds that use those letters and you’ll be as smart as the rest of us. What I do know is that this is a nice and simple way to display an online message with its own unique URL. Those of you who use Text Bin or some other textbin website, you’ll immediately start thinking about all the cool uses of this site.

Here are some examples:

And my favorite…

So how can these be used? Let me count the ways…

  • Main Idea posters
  • Things ___________ would say (character from reading)
  • Describing functions of scientific structures (ex: cellular organelles)
  • Vocabulary terms and definitions
  • Political slogans
  • Quotations from a reading passage explained
  • Post card writing activities
  • Narratives

Have other ideas or want to show off your own creations? Comment below!