Nov 15 2011

That’s QRazy! QR Codes in the Classroom


QR codes such as this one certainly aren’t all that new, but they seem to be infiltrating the market everywhere: business cards, magazine pages, products on store shelves, and yes, the classroom!

What are they? They are really nothing more than barcodes that can contain a huge amount of data (huge compared to the 16 characters stored in those old striped barcodes). Not only can they store text, but they can also direct a mobile app to go to a specific site, add a contact, create a text message, go to a Google Maps location, and… well, just go see for yourself all it can do at the website mentioned above.

How are they created? Can you fill out a form with some information? That’s it. Just select the data type, enter the information and the website builds your QR code before your eyes.  You can then copy or save the image to use wherever you want! Yes, even on T-shirts!

How are they used in the classroom? Your mobile device must have a QR code reader app. For iOS and Android, we recommend, i-nigma.

See if any of these ideas get your creative juices flowing:

  • Self-checking review cards- say the answer out loud, check yourself
  • Test review with the answer to the questions encoded in a QR tag- fold paper to show only 1 of 4 codes, scan to see if you were right!
  • Matching- scan your card and find the other person that holds the matching term or definition, trade and do it again.
  • See all the ideas on my training handout here!

Students are loving this! You talk about motivation!


Nov 10 2011

Walk on the Wild Side


Well, contrary to popular belief, I am not dead, maimed or otherwise deposed. I guess I’ll just say I’ve been busy. It’s been a while since I posted (hanging head in shame), but I’m back! We’re finally into the swing of school, and things are settling into a routine… I’ll probably get it under control around the beginning of May :-)

I’m posting today about a cool website my dear buddy Janet showed me a while back. It’s an awesome avatar maker sponsored by the New York Zoos and Aquarium called BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF. I love this and I know kids do too. To start, you put in your name and decide whether you are a girl or a boy. Then you can customize your avatar with choices of hair, eyes, mouths, and clothes. That’s if you want a human avatar like this one.

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