Nov 30 2012

Need an online voice recorder that’s not Flash? Croak It!


Fans of online voice recorders like Vocaroo, Soundcloud and Aviary’s Myna know that these web apps have many uses. Students can use these for things like storytelling, summarizing, explaining concepts, etc.  But one of the major drawbacks (relatively speaking) is that these are all Flash-based . That is not all bad in itself. However, since Flash is on the way out and is not supported on iOS devices, a replacement is needed to fill this void- especially one that will work on iPads!

There are many options out there, but Croak It! is by far my favorite for a couple reasons:

  • No registration required (this is critical for student use)!
  • Free (this is also critical in our line of work)
  • Has both Android and iOS apps
  • Can also be used online with a computer as a Flash-based web app
  • Creates a unique URL for each recording
  • Can add a CroakIt! button to your own website!
  • By default, the recording is private only to you (or whoever has the URL to your recording)
  • Can post to Twitter or Facebook
  • And I love the frog logo!
So with a classroom full of iPads, students can record their feedback or explanations regarding specific curricular topics. Then they can share the generated URL however they want (Edmodo, Kidblog, etc.). Anyway, it’s an easy solution without having to manage accounts to other sites like VoiceThread and others!

Nov 26 2012

Animated Writing with a Google Docs simulator!


You’ve all probably seen one of the Google commercials similar to this one:

Wouldn’t it be cool for our students to create a story through video screen captures like this? Well, this new tool “Docs Story Builder” does something similar by allowing students to “become” characters in a shared Google Doc. Students type in the character names, then enter what they want typed on the screen by each character. Then, they can choose a musical soundtrack to accompany the final “video” story.

It’s best explained by viewing an example- click on the image below to see what I mean. This is an example of one student playing the part of two students and adding imagery and elaboration to his/her writing (links to

There are so many cool things about this. Just imagine the possibilities- students retelling an account of the Boston Massacre, or interviewing Abraham Lincoln… and on and on and on.

The site generates a unique URL for each Doc Story, but there is no easy way to embed the “video.” It’s still in its infancy- perhaps these asesome features will be added later! Enjoy!


On a personal note- anyone notice how Susan hasn’t blogged since the middle of May? Just saying…