OtherInbox- protecting your “real” email address from overload



Using Web 2.0 tools often requires registering for an account at each site. Doing this with students gets to be pretty tricky since most sites require a unique email address to be used. Not many of our younger students have email addresses! There are several ways around this- and our favorite method is piggy-backing (See Susan’s post-  about doing this with Gmail). Otherinbox has become a lifesaver! Here’s how it works…

1. Teacher creates an account at Otherinbox (yes, it’s free). So let’s say the teacher’s username at Otherinbox is bradpitt. That means the teacher has been assigned the email root of “bradpitt.otherinbox.com”

2. Anytime a student (let’s say SallyA) registers at any website, she can enter her email address as SallyA@bradpitt.otherinbox.com.

3. If an email is sent to SallyA@bradpitt.otherinbox.com it lands in the bradpitt Otherinbox account (separated from any others with different names). The teacher (bradpitt) can log in to his Otherinbox account and read the email that was sent.

Note #1- the student can’t log in to bradpitt’s Otherinbox account, read mail, or send mail. It’s just giving the student a unique email address without giving the student email access!

Note #2- notice that the teacher didn’t have to set up the email address (SallyA@bradpitt.otherinbox.com) ahead of time. When Otherinbox received it , it immediately created a sub-box for this. So any word before the @braddpitt.otherinbox.com will trigger a new sub-box to be created on the fly. Check out this screenshot of my Otherinbox account- this is a small portion of all the sub boxes that have been created.

Note #3- in the free version of Otherinbox, messages are only readable for 30 days. But that’s fine for most of us. Keep in mind that most Web 2.0 sites use this email only for password resets or email verification.

Note #4- You can (like I have) set it up so that Otherinbox will send a summary email to your real email address each day. This will inform you of any new emails received that day and in which sub boxes.

Other uses:

  • give to vendors or companies who insist upon you giving them your email address
  • set this up to use with your own kids for those times when they need to register at sites (such as Cartoon Network)
  • make up a personalized inbox for someone special (“Hey, email me at angelinajolie@braddpitt.otherinbox.com. Yeah, I set this up, just for you.”)

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