Wicked Cool Organizing- Wikicards!



This is one of those sites I have been waiting for! I love using index cards to organize my thoughts, create outlines for classes or lessons, and to review all sorts of material. The ease in which they can be created and rearranged and grouped is what I like best. And until now, I have never found a suitable digital solution. Sure, I could use electronic post-it notes, but how are you supposed to group those? And what if I want more than just text on a card? And now enters Wikicards!

This awesome site allows you to create as many “cards” as you want. These cards can be text or uploaded files such as documents, images, website shortcuts, almost anything! Then the cards can be grouped, tagged, and rearranged. To top that off, projects can be shared with others, password protected and more! The possibilities for this are endless. Here’s my example of research for events leading to the American Revolution. If you want to see the actual project, follow this link.

Now, there are some limitations, so before you get too excited, read carefully. In order to drag files into your project, you must be using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox 4+ (which is still in beta at this time).  This is due to utilizing several components within HTML 5 (which is in its infancy at the moment). Also, after adding cards or files, you may need to click the refresh button on your browser to see the changes.

How else can this be used?

  • Arranging ideas and planning for writing assignments
  • Managing “to-do” tasks
  • Grouping and arranging photos
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Classifying items
  • and on and on and on

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