Fake Text Message Generator- Looks Authentic! (Great for Next Year’s April Fools Day)



I have always loved image generators like the Tombstone Generator, the Church Sign Generator, and the Newspaper Headline Generator. See all kinds of them listed on my wiki here. For some reason, many districts block these. Yet, they really do have some great curricular purposes. Take this Fake Text Generator as an example. Imagine students creating a series of fake text message images to tell a story like this one, the Boston Massacre:


The site generates a downloadable image, but it will also host your image and provide you the link or embed code you need to display it on your blogs, wikis, websites, etc. And yes, it’s FREE! And no, I don’t know how long they will keep your rendered image on their servers.

Now with great power, comes great responsibility Spider-man- so don’t go faking text messages from your boss, superintendent, school board member, or… well, you get the idea.

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