Free stock photography & PowerPoint Templates at ImageBase


It seems we are always in great need of images to use in our digital products. We have covered several other sites providing free images previously. Imagebase is another site that you may want to consider adding to your toolbox of available media that is free to use.

Browse these categories:

Can also search by keywords.

The images are available to view and download in high-resolution!

And what does free mean? This site actually spells it out:

These images are free to use for anything you want, non-profit, commercial, print, web, screen, film, or anything else.  You don’t have to credit my name or this site.  We’d love if it you did give us credit or link back to the site, but it is not required.  Basically, you can treat the images as if they were in the public domain. If you want a link to paste:  Photo Credit, David Niblack, A few exceptions:

- Please do not combine the photos with illicit or for any kind of pornographic purposes.
- Please don’t resell the images as they are.  If you make alterations to them or combine them with other photos, then they can be resold.


And as always, while you’re there- help keep free sites like this up and running by clicking on an ad or two out of appreciation! I know how much work (and resources) it takes to maintain a website!

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