Link your content together visually with Thinglink!


What is ThingLink?

From their own website: “ThingLink helps you create and discover rich images. Be creative! Make your images come alive with music, video, text, images, shops and more! Every image contains a story and ThingLink helps you tell your stories.”

Thinglink is such a fun site that allows students to incorporate lots of content with tags on an image. It’s so easy and quick, the hardest part is remember the website’s name…. thinklink, thingling, thinkling, Thinglink!

Hover over the map to see the links.

The first step after selecting a topic is to find an image. Images can be uploaded from your computer, imported from Facebook or Flickr, or directly from the internet with a URL.

Click on the Create Button and then select where to find your image. After you have selected an image you have to name your project, and decide to make your project private or if you would like to allow others to edit your project.

Click on the pencil icon on the upper left to add links to your image. You can add almost anything that you find on the internet…

Here’s my Thinglink about the Solar System

Check out the YouTube video (link in the lower left)! Love that song!

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