Paste images straight to the web with Snaggy!


OK, there is certainly no shortage of screen-sharing or image sharing sites out there for us to use. But there are times when I need to quickly paste in a screenshot or image that I have copied and share it out to others. Normally, this would require me to paste it into a document, a note in Evernote, a Google Doc or something similar.

Snaggy recently solved that problem for me. I needed to quickly share a screenshot (this happened to be a part of Google Earth). So I used my favorite screen capture tool (I personally like the free version of FastStone Capture- or sometimes resort to Windows Snipping Tool for another free option) then I went to this website and simply pasted in what I had copied.

Then the website simply uploaded my image and gave me a unique URL to post wherever I wanted!

This is a nice, quick tool to share a link to an image in places where it’s not practical to share the actual image!

You can also paste:

  • Pathways to local images

  • URLs of online images

  • Raw data, etc.

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