What’s Tweeting in your Neighborhood?


If you are a user of Twitter and/or Tweetdeck (and, of course, all great educators are), here’s a little trick that I am often asked about in my Twitter training sessions. How can you find out what people are tweeting about in your own neighborhood? Surprisingly, the answer is pretty easy! Yes, you can snoop in! Twitter lets you feel the pulse of any neighborhood or area!

In Twitter or Tweetdeck, enter these parameters in your search field (but use your own values- the following shows the tweets within a one-mile radius of our local mall):


You must get your latitude and longitude in decimal format. You can get this from Google Maps or fromĀ http://geocoder.us/. If you are using Google Maps, right-click on the center of your neighborhood and select “What’s Here?” Then under the menu options (top right), click on the numerical latitude and longitude. Then you’ll be able to copy it.



Once you have the latitude and longitude, then decide the radius of your search (in my example I used “1mi” to search a one mile radius).

When you search around your neighborhood, be prepared for what you will find! The language on Twitter is not censored- and neither is the content. You may find out more than you ever wanted to know about your neighbors… and their children!

Want to snoop around in some other areas? Twitter lets you listen in on the local conversations! Try searching around:

  • Schools and universities
  • Amusement parks
  • Airports
  • Local hangouts
  • National landmarks
  • The neighborhood where you grew up

Using the Geocode feature is sort of like listening in on the old “party lines” back in the rural America of the past!

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