Sly Dial- When you don’t want to talk, but just want to leave voice mail…


Admit it- there have been many times when you needed to deliver a message to someone (say a parent) but you really didn’t have time for a long drawn out conversation. You know- those times when you make that call and pray for voice mail or the answering machine instead of the potentially-volatile person on the other end. Yeah, we’ve all been there. And now, our prayers for getting the call to go to voice mail directly have been answered!slydial2

The folks over at SlyDial have made it easy! Just call the SlyDial number (267-SLYDIAL) then enter the mobile number you want to call and you are instantly connected to their voice mail- without ringing their phone at all! Yes, your number will still show up on caller ID- but they’ll just think they missed your phone call!

Can’t think of a situation where you’d need this? Click on the image below to see the videos over at SlyDial that explain:


Once again, give it a try: 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425)

Standard long distance charges will apply, but other than that, there are no fees!

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