Focus Attention on your Cursor (make it flash)!


Many times in training we often tell people to look at the cursor on the screen. Often, the cursor is so small (and white) that it blends in with the application we are training on. To help remedy this, you can make your mouse “come alive” at the press of a key like this:


To accomplish this (on a PC):

  1. Go to the control panel (Start –> Control Panel) and select the mouse properties.
  2. On the Mouse properties screen, select the Pointer Options tab.
  3. On the Pointer Options screen, check the box for “Show location of pointer…”


Be sure to apply your changes, then every time you press and hold the CTRL key, concentric circles will highlight your cursor/pointer.

To do this same thing on a Mac, you will need to download a free utility at While this won’t highlight the mouse with animated circles, it will highlight the mouse with colored circles or other customized accents. And it’s free!


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