We are Trippin!



Although this tool probably doesn’t have a classroom use, it’s outstanding for helping to keep your life in order. TripIt allows you to organize all your travel information in one place. You can add flight information, hotel reservations, rental car, activities, meetings, notes, maps, and whatever else you have. You can type all this information in directly, or best of all- forward your confirmation emails from hotels, airlines, etc. and TripIt will fill in all the information.

TripIt can be shared with others whether they are traveling with you or not. TripIt also automatically adds maps of the place you are traveling to, and driving directions if it thinks you are driving (rental car reservation).

I have planned several trips in the last year, both personal and work related. Because there is a iPhone app as well, I have been able to stay organized no matter where I was without carrying around my usual sheaf of papers. With a simple glance at my phone or computer I could find flight numbers and times, and even check in for a flight directly within TripIt.

TripIt has iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps, and they recently added TripIt Groups which make it easy to view and share travel plans for a large group with separate travel plans.

Summer’s coming up, and hopefully you’ll get a change to enjoy a few days of vacation… give it a try!

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