Piggyback anyone?


Some of the Web 2.0 tools we have discussed in this blog require you to register with a real email address. Some of you may have assigned email addresses for students, but many of us do not, particularly at the elementary level. Although there are some products out there that provide free email addresses for students (epals.com and gaggle.net as well as others), we have found a quick and easy method to manage this problem… piggy-backing on a gmail account!

Create a gmail account with a name you can share with students such as mrsjones@gmail.com. This probably isn’t the place to share your cutekitty@gmail.com account!

Students can then piggy-back off your account by adding anything after a + sign. For example:


Each of these will create a unique email address that the student can use to register for a Web 2.0 tool. The email will still go to your gmail account, but students will not be able to log into your gmail account, or ever actually receive any emails.

If the login requires you to click on a link to activate the account, you’ll still have to click on each of the emails sent. This may be a little time consuming if you have a lot of students, but you know you are keeping your students safe and allowing them to create cool projects that you might otherwise have to pass on!

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